Announcement of New Trustees

The board and staff of Fallon Medical Complex, Inc. would like to congratulate incumbent Elaine Stanhope and newcomers Evelyn Neary and David Kirschten to the Fallon Medical Complex, Inc. Board of Trustees. The 2022 annual meeting of the corporation membership was convened on Wednesday, December 7th at 6:30 PM, during which an announcement was made about the winners of the trustee election held this month. Members were given a slate of five nominees to consider for three trustee positions. The new trustees will all serve three-year terms beginning January 1, 2023.

The board and staff would further like to express their eternal appreciation for three outgoing trustees: Rich Menger, who served on the board for the past 17 years (many of which as Secretary/Treasurer), Shane Bettenhausen, who served on the board for the past eight years, and Bryant Steen, who served on the board for the past six years. These gentlemen have all been highly instrumental in ensuring the well-being, and ongoing success, of our community’s healthcare facility. Their dedication and contributions to this organization deserve recognition, as well as an empathetic expression of gratitude, for the time and energy they devoted to a difficult and demanding position.

The winners of the trustee election announced on December 7, 2022 was preliminary, pending the official canvass by the Fallon Medical Complex, Inc. Board of Trustees. All Trustees have verified and certified that the results constitute a full, true and complete abstract of the number of electors voting the name of each individual receiving votes, and the total votes cast for each individual for the office of Trustee. The total number of ballots cast was 211, and the number of votes for each individual are as follows:

Elaine Stanhope (Incumbent)172
David Kirschten 153
Evelyn Neary115
Dru Burk107
Brant Steen (Incumbent)59