Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Right Here in Your Hometown


Submitted by Mary Grube, Clinic Manager

Fallon Medical Complex is proud to have Dr. Danny Wolfgram, MD on its team of medical providers. He is an amazing professional with a background in sports medicine and orthopedics. As a Critical Access Hospital, it pleases FMC to have someone with his extensive background to serve our community. He is available to treat a gamut of medical challenges, such as soft tissue injuries, broken bones, joint paint from arthritis, back and neck pain, bursitis, and sports injuries. In addition, he is experienced in family practice issues, where he can treat chronic conditions, evaluate symptoms, offer preventative care, and provide referrals to specialists. He can also be found in FMC’s emergency room, providing emergent and urgent care to patients in need.  

Dr. Wolfgram was born in White Bear Lake, MN, just north of St. Paul, in the state where water skiing was invented. Following an active childhood, he earned Bachelor’s Degrees in mathematics and chemistry from St. Olaf College in Minnesota, a Master’s Degree in Statistics from Iowa State University, and his doctorate from the University of Minnesota Medical School. Afterwards, he completed a residency in Family Medicine and a fellowship in Sports Medicine, maintaining board certification in both specialties for the past 30 years. Dr. Wolfgram also served as a Major in the US Air Force in the mid-to-late 1990’s practicing family medicine and urgent care.

Dr. Wolfgram has played hockey, football, track and rugby which fueled his passion for sports medicine as he saw doctors due to his own personal injuries. After medical school, he served as a team physician for a number of colleges and high schools in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, including the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay and St. Norbert’s College in Wisconsin. He has also taken active roles in various sporting events, such as marathons, rugby tournaments, Olympic Trials, and the NFL “Air It Out” flag football tournaments in Green Bay.

From the sports medicine perspective, he understands athletes, having dealt with various injuries but still wanting to play. He has stated, “When it is sports things, I can relate because I know what those types of injuries are like.” When they can’t play, he can relate it to his own past and understand what the patient is dealing with. From the family practice perspective, as a part of his practice he talks with his patients and lets them explain what is going on, giving his professional opinion to determine the best course of action. He further stated, “I love the variety of (working in) medicine. It is different every day. It is different all day throughout the day, which is the really nice thing about it. I like to help people. It is just a wonderful job.”

Dr. Wolfgram and his wife live on a lake near Aberdeen, South Dakota, where he enjoys sailing on occasion. He has three children who display their acumen in scholastics, performance arts, and science. His oldest son is enrolling in a PhD program for classic studies and Latin, his youngest son is a professional ballroom dancer in St. Louis, and his daughter recently took a job at the Humane Society after working at an ethanol plant for several years.  Dr. Wolfgram holds a black belt in Tai Kwan Do which he taught for several years. One of his current favorite pastimes is curling, where he can be seen in a tournament now and again. He’s an avid Vikings fan, although at times he does not want to admit to it.

Dr. Wolfgram has been seeing patients at Fallon Medical Complex since September 2022. He is one of three physicians who rotates ten straight days each month, taking call in the emergency room while seeing patients in the clinic. If you are needing medical care, from orthopedics, to sports medicine, to family practice, Dr. Wolfgram is available to work with you right here in Baker. There is no need to drive hundreds of miles to see a provider. Please call FMC’s Community Clinic at (406) 778-2833 for an appointment to see Dr. Wolfgram.