Fallon Medical Complex is in partnership with the Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network to provide our community access to out-of-area clinical services. With this partnership, patients are able to have an appointment with their specialty provider via state-of-the-art telemedicine technology. Talk with your out-of-area provider and ask if telemedicine is available for your next appointment.

Fallon Medical Complex is also in partnership with Avel eCARE Emergency Services to provided immediate and supportive care to our rural health care team. Via interactive, secure, high definition video and audio equipment, our providers can connect 24/7/365 with a board-certified emergency physician to assist with any type of case that may present itself in our emergency department. Avel eCARE can provide help with complex trauma cases, mental health evaluations, coordinate transfers, medication dosing, verify medications to be administered, and record/document the emergency visit so our staff can focus on the hands-on care of the patient.