Community Resources

Action for Eastern Montana (406) 234-8028

Will assist with household renovations for the handicapped. Low income.

Council on Aging (406) 778-3595

Homemaker program (light housekeeping, laundry, etc), Skilled Nursing (set up medication, assist with personal cares), Transportation, Meals on wheels, Congregate meals, SHIP (help with questions about doctor appointments and bills), Minimal legal services. No fees, donation only.

DEAP (406) 232-1385

Child care assistance, assistance with developmentally disabled.

Drug & Alcohol Counseling (800) 597-6606

Counselor available once a week in Baker.

Lifeline (406) 778-5448

Connects to the hospital and rescue services.

Living Independently for Today and Tomorrow (406) 232-2599

Will assist with renovation for handicapped.

Personal Care (406) 778-5448

Personal care assistance; Home & Community Based Services. Medicaid or private pay. Financial assistance may be available.

Public Assistance (406) 778-7120

Will assist with Medicaid applications. Program is based on income, resources, age, and disability.

Public Health (406) 778-2824

Skilled nursing (set up medication, dressing changes, assist with personal care), Diabetic care; Loans equipment. No fees, donations accepted.

Respite Care (406) 778-5403

Will provide short term care for your family member. Private Pay. Financial assistance may be available.

Baker Drug (406) 778-2214

Will deliver prescriptions in Baker. Also, will mail prescriptions at no extra costs.

Reynolds Supermarket (406) 778-3816

Will deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays in Baker. Must have order called in by 3pm for delivery at 4pm. Delivery fee applies.

RSVP (406) 778-2358

Volunteer service provides some out of town transportation; Assist with mail & shopping; loan equipment. No fees, donation only.

Veteran Transportation (406) 778-3160

Will provide transportation to veterans, loans wheelchairs.

Visiting Nurse Service (Community Clinic) (406) 778-2833

Must require a doctor’s order and skilled nursing care. Must be home bound. Medicare or private pay.